SLOVENIA à la carte

How would you like (to spend) your perfect holidays in Slovenia? Experience Slovenia according to your wishes, expectations and scenario. We would be happy to meet your wishes and put together your tailor-planned holidays with a touch of our passion, experience and know-how.

Maybe you would like to know where golf is played, or would you like some culinary extravaganza? Maybe you are looking for the best wellness for yourself, or are you dreaming of spending some time in the nature? With us, you can cycle through the old mine tunnels, explore Karst caves, fill your days with adrenaline loaded activities, fish in crystal clear rivers or kayak your way along them. Maybe you wish to say “I do” in a beautiful castle, in the meadow or even in a gondola. We can also place you in all sorts of “different” accommodations, from hay barns to prison cells, from sleeping in the tree to sleeping in tepees or over-water bungalows.

So, what are your à la carte holiday wishes in Slovenia like?

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