Informativa sul trattamento dei dati personali della Società TURISTIČNA AGENCIJA SONČEK, D.O.O.

Per l’Agenzia turistica Sonček il rispetto della vostra privacy è una questione molto importante. Anche nell’ambito delle nostre attività on-line dedichiamo particolare attenzione a quest’aspetto. La nostra policy è quindi conforme alla vigente normativa che regola il trattamento dei dati personali nonché ad altre disposizioni di legge.
Al fine di assicurare la sicurezza dei dati, impedendone il trattamento improprio anche casuale, la perdita o la distruzione, nonché l’accesso ad essi da parte di persone non autorizzate, abbiamo predisposto misure adeguate, a livello tecnico ed organizzativo, che vengono costantemente aggiornate tenendo conto degli sviluppi in ambito tecnologico e degli aggiornamenti legislativi.

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In this context we shall explain which of your personal data we collect and what we use them for. Hereinafter, we shall also indicate how we protect your data, who we forward them to and how you may change your data yourself.


Personal data are information which may be used to establish your identity. This information is your name, address, post office number, IP address, phone number or your e-mail address. Information which is not directly connected to your actual identity (such as favourite websites or number of website users for instance) do not fall within this category.


With each access to the contents of our online offer general information are saved automatically (e.g. number of visitors and duration of the visit on individual sites, etc.). These data are not personal and are therefore processed in an anonymised form. These types of data are used solely for statistical purposes and with their help we optimise our online offer.


We collect your personal data for the implementation of offers and your selected services. This particularly applies for booking travels which we offer, but also for filling out forms, participating in prize competitions, when ordering news, when participating in surveys, when evaluating travel services as well as with e-mail transmission or when using online services.

We kindly ask that you take into account the fact that while booking your tourist services we also collect personal data of your fellow Travellers. Therefore make sure that you provide all information which refers to third parties with their consent.


Our company engages in sales of tourist services and services related therewith, statement of accounts and support services to Travellers. For this purpose we also use, collect and process your data.

If we collect your personal data solely on the basis of using our website, we use them for substantive formation of a contractual relationship on telemedia services and for improving the quality of our online services. If you participate in prize competitions we use your data to implement games. When ordering news we collect and process your data for producing contents and for sending news.

If your personal data is collected and processed based on booking a tourist service, we use this data in accordance with the contract on product submission and implementation of services related therewith.

Collection, processing and use of your personal data for advertising purposes and for the needs of market research are conducted solely within the frame of statutory provisions. The use of your data for the above mentioned purposes may be prohibited by you at any time. With every use of your data for advertising purposes, market research or opinion polls you shall be warned in particular that you have the opportunity to prohibit further use of your data at any time or we shall provide you with a simple option to opt out this function (e.g. online link).


For the needs of implementing and carrying out tourist services that we provide we shall submit your personal data to your corresponding contractual partner (e.g. travel organiser, Airline Company, hotel, travel agency, Rent-a-car Company, providers of accounts and distribution services or travel insurances).

Within the scope of prize competitions we submit your data to corresponding partners of the prize competition if indicated so in the General Rules of the prize competition.

When ordering e-news we submit your personal data to the provider that we use for sending publications.

With regard to the use of online services we submit your data to our providers of online systems (company for system hosting, online tools for booking, support systems to travel agencies (“Mid-Office Systems”), providers of online analytics, global distribution systems and marketers). Our system providers help us with the improvement of our systems and offers.

We submit personal data to the extent that the statutory regulations permit, solely in the event when this is necessary for the implementation of your reservation or the payment procedure related herewith. In all other cases applies that we only submit anonymised data which cannot be associated to you personally.

Collection or submission of personal data to national institutions and offices shall be performed only within the scope of mandatory legal regulations.

We expressly declare that we do not sell personal data, addresses in particular, to any third parties.


Because we want to process your personal data as safely as possible, we use the SSL (“Secure Socket Layer”) security protocol for transmission of data between your computer and our server, in particular with booking of tourist services that we provide. This means that the data transmission is encrypted every time.

Storing of your personal data shall be performed exclusively subject to statutory provisions applicable in the Republic of Slovenia.

If in the context of herein indicated services, we transmit the data to our contractors, the latter are bound by both, complying with mandatory statutory regulation and contractual requirements on data protection.

Relating to data protection referring to your credit card, we would like to point out explicitly that this data needs to be entered into the fields of the booking form which are designed expressly for this purpose. Safe management of your data can only be provided if you yourself also take into account the input method foreseen for this.


You have the right upon your own request and free of charge to receive information about what personal data of yours we stored. Furthermore, you have the right to request corrections, deletion or prohibition of use of incorrect data. In specific circumstances deletion of data could be in conflict with statutory regulations, especially if the data is designed for accounting or bookkeeping purposes.


The company Turistična agencija Sonček d.o.o. is responsible for storing and processing of data, and is also a service provider at the same time. More detailed information about the company and the option how to contact us you shall find in our colophon.

If you have any questions or if you would like to communicate your desires or comments to us, which you have regarding data protection, please write to us on

Rapid development of the internet signifies that, from time to time, we need to adapt the provisions that refer to data. At this point we shall inform you of any potential novelties.


Plug-ins (“plug-ins”) are installed on our website for the social network which is managed by the company Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, ZDA (“Facebook”).

Plug-ins of the Facebook social network may be recognized by any of the logos of the Facebook application (white “f” in a blue square or a thumb-up symbol) or they are marked as “Facebook Social Plugin«” The list and the images of plug-ins for the Facebook social network may be viewed at the following link:

If you open a web page of our website which has such a plug-in installed, your online browser shall set up a direct link to the servers of the Facebook Company. The content of plug-ins shall be transmitted directly via Facebook to your browser through which it shall be installed on the web page. For this reason we do not have any influence on the extent and contents that Facebook collects with these plug-ins, and we therefore only provide you with the information that is available to ourselves(

With the integration of plug-ins, Facebook receives an information that you retrieved a corresponding web page of our website. If you are registered into Facbook, the Facebook can connect your visit to your Facebook account. If you use plug-ins - for example if you click on the icon “Like” or you submit your comment - the corresponding information of your browser transmits it directly to Facebook where it is saved. Even if you are not a member of the Facebook network there is a way, how the Facebook Company may obtain your IP address and save it.

In the notice of privacy protection of the Facebook Company you may be educated on the purpose and the scope of data collection and further processing and use of data by the Facebook Company and about your rights which you have in this regard, and about the options to set up your own privacy protection:

If you are registered into Facebook and you do not want that Facebook collects data of you through our websites and links them to your data stored in the Facebook network you must prior to visiting our websites log out of the Facebook network and erase cookies. More information on cookies you shall find within this declaration on data protection.

Plug-ins for the Facebook social network may be including, but not limited to, blocked with an extension for your browser, such as for example “Facebook Blocker”.


When visiting our web page your computer saves information in form of cookies in the browser software. Cookies store data about your use of the web page which is then used by the company Turistična agencija Sonček, d.o.o. The use of cookies facilitates the use of functions, since upon further visits we already recognize your computer, which simplifies the potential re-entry of data.

Cookies which we use (small files which include information on configuration) help us establish the frequency of use and number of users of our web page, and enable you a comprehensive use of our service. Furthermore, based on cookies, we at Sonček may send you personalised information per e-mail, for example to inform you about reservations, specific products or sales promotions, and we may recommend products or services that may be of interest to you.

Most browsers are set to accept cookies automatically. Nevertheless, you may turn off saving cookies or you set up your browser to inform you each time when it is sending cookies. In addition there is an option that you may at any time delete saved cookies from your hard drive yourself.

For making a reservation, the use of cookies is necessary. Our service may also be used without cookies to a limited extent.


This web page uses the Google Analytics service which is a service for online analytics of the company, Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses so-called “cookies”, text files that are stored into your computes and enable the analysis of your website use. Information on your use of this website (including your IP address) which is obtained by the cookie shall be transmitted to the server of the Google Company in the U.S. where it is stored.

The Google Company shall use this information for the analysis of your website use, for production of reports on website activities by the website controllers and to perform other services connected to the website or internet use. If necessary, the Google Company shall transmit such information to third parties, namely within the legally prescribed extent or if third parties are processing such data by the order of the Google Company. The Google Company shall in no event compile your IP address with other data of the Google Company. The installation of cookies may be disabled with the corresponding set up of your browser’s software. However, we must warn you that in this case you may not be able to use all functions of this website to the fullest extent. With the use of this website you declare that you agree that the Google Company shall process data collected on you in a manner as previously described and for the above mentioned purpose.

Our website uses the anonymisation function which is provided by the Google Analytics service. In this context, the IP addresses are stored and processed only in the shortened form so that they cannot be linked to the identity of a specific person.


Due to the American federal law on detection of terrorists, the airline companies are obliged to submit data on flights and reservations of every passenger to the authorities competent for the entry into the country before the latter enters U.S. Without such submission of data, entry into the U.S. shall not be possible.


Our online offer includes links to other websites. This declaration on data protection does not apply to other providers. Because we do not have an influence whether their controllers honour the provisions on data protection, we can also not assume any responsibility for the accuracy, promptness and completeness of information which they provide on their websites.


Turistična agencija Sonček, d.o.o., Glavni trg 17, 2000 Maribor
VAT ID: SI71695532. Registration number: 5680727.
The company is registered in the Register of the Maribor District Court under the number 1/06953/00.

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